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Complete Guide Choosing a Custom strap for Richard Mille

Complete Guide | Choosing a Custom strap for Richard Mille

Watch strap for Richard Mille

In the world of watches, Richard Mille is undoubtedly synonymous with luxury and technical innovation. Each Richard Mille watch is not only unique in its appearance but also a trendsetter in its technology. The use of advanced materials, such as carbon fibre and titanium, makes the watches not only light and wear-resistant but also technologically advanced.

Its minimalist and futuristic design style, the integration of advanced material technology, and ingenious watchmaking craftsmanship make each Richard Mille watch a unique work of art.

So how do you find the perfect Watch Straps for Richard Mille to complement a Richard Mille watch that looks like a work of art?

Daydaywatchband offers a wide selection of high-quality, personalized, and cost-effective Richard Mille custom watch bands.

Four Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Richard Mille Strap

1. Will the Richard band from Daydaywatchband perfectly match my Richard Mille watch?

  • This depends on your Richard Mille watch if it is an Original or a Copy watch.
  • If you own the Original Richard Mille watches, almost all models we can make. And we can make sure our strap can 100% Fit your Original Richard Mille RM 035-01 02 | RM 11-01 02 03 04 05 | RM 67-01 02 | RM 027-01 02 -03 | RM 05| RM 033 | RM 016-01 02 03 | RM 055-01 02 03  | RM 005 | RM 010 | RM 029 | RM 065 and more other models watches
  • If your watch is original, all you need to do is tell us the model number of your watch and we can make it for you!
  • If you own a Copy of Richard Mille watches, we can also make them, but some cheap copy Richard Mille watches are plastic Watch adapters, while the original Richard Mille watches have metal Watch adapter straps.
  • When your watch is a replica and has a plastic watch adapter, you will need to send your watch band to Daydaywatchband and we can also make you a perfect 100% matching Richard Mille watch band.

2. What kind of custom watch strap material should I choose for your Richard Mille watches?

Daydaywatchband is available with Richard Mille straps in four fabrics: canvas, rubber and elastic, leather. Different strap fabrics have different characteristics.

  • The velcro canvas strap for Richard Mille is wear-resistant and breathable. Daydaywatchband’s canvas Richard Mille watch strap is available in 51 colors.
  • If you prefer a sporty and casual strap style, you can choose the canvas watch strap for your RM watches
Customer Revies Photo for watch strap watch band for richard mille (2)
Daydaywatchband nylon fabric Canvas color chart hao
  • The Elastic strap for Richard Mille is soft, comfortable to wear and wraps completely around your wrist.
  • If you prefer the simplicity, sportiness, and comfort of a Richard Mille belt, you can choose the elastic green strap for Richard Mille
Daydaywatchband Custom elastic watch strap for Richar Mille (2)
  • Richard Mille’s rubber velcro straps are soft, and water-resistant, and you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged in the rain!
  • If you like the soft comfort, water resistance, and durability of a Richard Mille wristband, choose a rubber Richard Mille strap.
Buy handmade waterproof red rubber velcro watch strap for Richard Mille 035 030 055 011 016 059 067 067-02 027 07 (3)
Custom replacement red alligator leather watch band for Richard Mille straps

3. How do I choose the colour of my Richard Mille watch band?

Many customers often have a question when picking a Richard Mille canvas custom watch band, how do I choose from so many colours?
In fact, two methods can pick the right colour for your Richard Mille watch
-Pick a colour based on the colour of your Richard Mille watch.
-Pick a colour that you can’t go wrong with, black, white, red, blue

4. What do I need to do after placing an order for RM watch band?

1.Once you have placed your order, you will need to send us a photo of your watch and strap and tell us if your Richard Mille watch is original or a replica!
Please be sure to tell us the true condition of the watch! It’s about whether or not the strap you purchase will match.
2. We need you to measure your wrist size, some customers may not understand why we need wrist size.

This is because the length of the strap is customised whether it is a Richard Mille canvas velcro or elasticated band. It does not have a fixed length.
Therefore we need your specific wrist size, only with the exact wrist size our strap can match your wrist perfectly.
3. Please let us know if there are any other custom requirements, such as the colour of the stitching on the watch band for Richard Mille, and the colour of the backing on the leather strap!

This is everything you need to know when you buy a Richard Mille watch.
If you have any other questions about Richard Mille watch straps, please feel free to contact us.

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