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The difference between Siamese and American crocodile skin

Many customers may have a question in their mind when they buy Daydaywatchband’s handmade custom American alligator leather straps.
Why is your American alligator leather strap more expensive than others?
The answer lies in the different varieties of crocodile skin and the different grades of crocodile skin.
Let’s take a look at the difference between the expensive American crocodile skin and the cheap Siamese crocodile skin in terms of price. What is the difference?
Alligator leather in the eyes of consumers are high-grade, luxury representative, but in fact, crocodile skin due to different varieties, different breeding methods, skin grade levels, and tanning process, the four together, resulting in crocodile skin is also being divided into different levels

1、American alligator leather strap

Daydaywatchband’s custom watch straps are made of American alligator leather, which is the crocodile species that has the most square natural texture, the least miscellaneous texture, and the most suitable size, and is therefore also favored by luxury leather goods brands.

Texture of American alligator leather Daydaywatchband

But the same species of American Alligator leather, are usually graded. The American Alligator leather with no surface scars or marks is naturally the top of the line. Those with scars from fighting and mosquito bites are classified into A, B and C grades according to the number of scars on the belly of the American Alligator leather.
Daydaywatchband’s handmade American alligator leather strap are all made from A-grade American alligator leather.


2、Siamese alligator leather

The crocodile skin of this species, the Siamese crocodile, has visible air holes in the middle of its chequered texture.
Meanwhile, as the Siamese crocodile grows in Southeast Asia, due to the socio-economic development, and farming technology problems, the farming environment of the Siamese crocodile is relatively bad.

Almost all of them are raised in groups, so it leads to a lot of fights between crocodiles and crocodiles will be injured during the breeding process of Siamese crocodile. This makes the leather of the Siamese crocodile will have a lot of messy texture.

Texture of Siamese alligator leather Daydaywatchband

American alligator leather strap VS Siamese alligator leather strap

Below is a comparison picture of the two straps, one strap is made of grade-A American crocodile skin and the other is made of Siamese crocodile skin.

Daydaywatchband custom american alligator leather watch strap compare with siamese alligator strap

From the picture, we can clearly see that the Siamese crocodile leather has many scars on the surface, while the American crocodile leather is smooth.

Daydaywatchband custom american alligator leather watch strap compare with siamese alligator strap (2)

The Siamese crocodile has many air holes on its surface, while the American crocodile has none. The bamboo pattern of Siamese crocodile leather is very messy compared to American crocodile leather.
When comparing the two straps together, the American Croco leather strap is more sophisticated and luxurious than the Siamese Crocodile just by looking at it.

Cartier Tank alligator leather watch band purple pink straps (2)

After an in-depth comparison of the differences between Siamese crocodile leather and American alligator leather strap, the conclusion is clear: American crocodile leather far surpasses Siamese crocodile leather in terms of its superior quality, luxurious touch, and stunning aesthetics. Its fine texture and excellent craftsmanship make American crocodile leather a jewel in the realm of luxury.

Choosing a Daydaywatchband handmade custom American alligator leather watch band is not only a quest for quality, but also a genuine recognition of superior craftsmanship and skill.
Make a handmade Custom leather watch strap a part of your luxurious lifestyle and immerse yourself in the exquisite touch and unparalleled fashion appeal of every moment.


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    I have a Bvlgari EGW30G (101065) MODEL D186
    You do not show straps for this watch. Do you supply them?

    1. Hi,Yes we can make the strap for your watch. We send the email to you. Please check it

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