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Strap Guide for Tudor Black Bay P01 Daydaywatchband

Strap Guide for Tudor Black Bay P01

In this blog, you will learn an interesting history of Tudor Black Bay P01, and how to choose the strap for Tudor Black Bay P01

History of Tudor Black Bay P01

Tudor Black Bay P01

Tudor has been supplying diving watches to the U.S. Navy since the late 1950s. In 1967, Tudor began to develop a new technical watch, which not only had to meet a series of technical specifications required by the U.S. government but also reflected the advanced research results of Tudor engineers.

This research and development project led to the creation of a series of prototype watches and a patent for a hitherto undisclosed function. Unfortunately, this large-scale project, codenamed “Commando”, was ultimately shelved.

The “Commando” program, as Tudor coined it, began as an R&D initiative aimed at preventing accidental displacement of the bezel. After extensive research, Rolex developed a design for which they filed a patent in 1968, known as the “locking lug mechanism”. This mechanism, situated between the lugs, utilized tension to secure the bezel firmly in place, effectively immobilizing it until manually released by disengaging the “hood”. This innovation ensured the bi-directional bezel could rotate freely while maintaining its position when not in use.

Tudor black bay P01 locking lug mechanism showing

It was not until fifty years later that Tudor reopened its dusty memories, drew inspiration from the prototype watch No. 1, and gave birth to the Tudor Black Bay P01 watch, bringing its unique aesthetics to light and realizing mass production.

The Tudor P01, short for Prototype 01, boasted a robust case housing an integrated dial, accompanied by a distinct crown positioned off-center, and complemented by a strap crafted from a combination of materials.

Strap size guide for Tudor P01

Usually, Tudor Black Bay straps are standard flat straps, But our straps for  Tudor P01 are different from other Tudor Black Bay straps.

It is different in these 3 aspects

Length guide:

  • Other Tudor watches: Usually, the universal watch strap length is 75/115mm, it can fit wrist sizes from 16-18cm.
  • Tudor Black Bay P01: It has a locking lug mechanism and has the extra watch link. When you install the strap, it begins at the watch link part. So the strap length will be shorter than other Tudor standard straps.
Custom handmade nylon calfskin leather watch band forTudor Black Bay P01 strap length guide

Lug size guide:

  • Watch end lug: 20mm
  • Buckle end lug: 18mm

(Only one lug size for Tudor P01)

For other Tudor Black Bay, it has many different lug sizes, such as 22mm, 23mm, and more.

Best personalized bespoke brown distressed leather watch straps band for Tudor Heritage Black Bay P01 20mm 18mm aftermaket

Thickness guide:

Strap thickness for Tudor Black Bay P01: The strap of Tudor Black Bay P01 is thicker than other straps of Tudor Black Bay. Because it needs to match the extra watch link in the locking lug mechanism of the Tudor Black Bay P01 watch. If the thickness of the strap does not match the watch link, it can’t fit your watch perfectly.

Strap thickness for Tudor other model: Normal strap thickness

Custom handmade Tudor Black Bay P01 leather strap replacement thickness guide

So when your watch is Tudor Black Bay P01, you need to pay special attention to the length and thickness of the strap when buying it

Daydaywatchband has the original style design suede leather strap and nylon canvas fabric watch strap for Tudor Black Bay P01, we can custom the strap length and strap thickness. It can fit your watch perfectly. Besides, you can find many custom watch straps for other luxury watches in Daydaywatchband

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