Strap for Ebel

The band comes in a variety of sizes, we offer a 20mm Lug size, as well as customizable Lug sizes to fit a variety of Ebel watches. When you purchase an Ebel watch strap from Daydaywatchband, we will provide you with worldwide shipping to ensure that your elegance is always on display. The carefully custom Ebel watch band will inject more style and charm into your Ebel watch!

Daydaywatchband custom handmade alligator leather watch strap watchband wirst band watch belt replacement for EBEL Classic 100 men and ladies watch
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Daydaywatchband handmade custom leather straps to add exceptional appeal to your Ebel watch!

We are proud to offer a wide selection of materials to create a band that will fit your Ebel watch perfectly. A particular specialty is the American alligator strap, which is known for its unique grain and texture, with each piece of leather having its own personality. Because of its complex production process, alligator leather is often considered to represent a premium material and is widely used in products from high fashion and luxury brands. Its visual appeal combined with durability makes it a symbol of luxury and taste.

All of our custom leather watch straps are meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans with attention to every detail to give your Ebel watch a unique look. Custom watch strap lengths, stitching colors, and band colors can all be customized at no extra charge to ensure a perfect match with your style. Suitable for Ebel watch series, such as EBEL Classic 100, as well as men’s and women’s watches, our custom watch band will blend perfectly with your watch, showing your taste and sophistication.

Especially recommended is the American alligator Ebel strap, one of our most popular handmade customized leather Ebel straps. Whether it’s the EBEL Classic 100 or a men’s or women’s watch, this custom made watch bands will give your Ebel watch a unique character and luxurious appeal.