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We are committed to providing a custom made watch bands for your Longines watch. Whether it’s the length of the band, the color of the stitching, or the color of the Longines watch bands, we can meet your needs and create a Longines leather strap watch that is uniquely yours. Suitable for Genuine Longines Master Collection, Hydroconquest, Conquest and many more, our alligator leather straps will enhance your watch.

Daydaywatchband custom handmade alligator leather watch strap watchband wirst band watch belt replacement for Longines Master Collection, Hydroconquest, Conquest and more men and ladies watch
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Customized with care and dignity – Daydaywatchband, the brand of customized Longines watch bands

Looking for the perfect fit for your Longines watch, Daydaywatchband’s handmade custom watch bands are the perfect choice! We are proud of our alligator bespoke watch straps, which will give your watch an infinite amount of style.

Daydaywatchband carefully selects American alligator leather for its unique grain and texture, giving each Longines leather strap a one-of-a-kind appeal. Often seen as a symbol of luxury and prestige due to the intricacies of the production process, this premium leather is used in the beloved creations of high fashion and luxury custom leather watch straps. Not only visually stunning, crocodile leather is prized for its durability and luxury.

With a wide selection of sizes to choose from, lug size: 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, and customizable lug sizes, we make sure you get the perfect fit for your Longines watch, no matter how big or small. And by purchasing a Longines watch band from Daydaywatchband, not only will you get the perfect match, but you’ll also enjoy the convenience of worldwide shipping.

At Daydaywatchband, our mission is to bring luxury and class to every Longines strap, adding a touch of glamor to your watch. Let our American alligator straps be the perfect companion for your Longines watch and write the book on exquisite time together.