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Available Maurice Lacroix leather strap in a wide range of Maurice Lacroix watch collections, including Maurice Lacroix Pontos, Pontos chronograph, Pontos GMT, masterpiece, Aicon, skeleton, Les Classiques, and more, our Maurice Lacroix bracelet come in a variety of sizes. Lug sizes range from 19mm to 24mm and we also offer custom lug sizes to ensure that every band fits your watch perfectly.

Daydaywatchband custom handmade alligator leather watch strap watchband wirst band watch belt replacement for Maurice Lacroix Pontos, masterpiece, Aicon, Les Classiques aftermarket
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Give your Maurice Lacroix watch a unique touch with a handmade custom watch strap from Daydaywatchband!

In the world of custom watch bands, Daydaywatchband stands out for its craftsmanship and wide selection handmade watch straps. We are proud to offer custom leather watch straps a wide range of materials to choose from, with American crocodile leather leading the way. American crocodile leather is renowned for its unique grain and texture, giving each piece of leather an unrivalled look. Due to the complexity of the production process, American crocodile leather is widely used by high fashion and luxury brands and is prized not only for its visual appeal, but also for its durability and luxury.

Our crocodile leather Pontos strap are not only handcrafted masterpieces, but are also examples of custom for Maurice Lacroix watches. You can choose the length of the strap, the colour of the stitching and the colour of the strap at no extra charge, making each strap your own unique work of art. Our American crocodile leather Maurice Lacroix Aikon strap, carefully crafted to add a touch of prestige and luxury to your watch, give your instrument of time a unique sparkle.

When you buy a Maurice Lacroix watchband from Daydaywatchband, we not only provide you with a high-quality custom watchband, but we also offer you the convenience of worldwide shipping. We understand the unique value behind every watch, and through our craftsmanship and choice of materials, we are able to enhance your time instrument with an unparalleled charm.

No matter which Maurice Lacroix collection you love, Daydaywatchband can create a Maurice Lacroix strap that complements it. From the luxury of American crocodile leather to a wide range of other selected materials, each strap is made with care and love. Choose Daydaywatchband to give your Maurice Lacroix watch a unique and glamorous look!