Custom leather bund watch strap for Rolex, Omega, Tudor and more


  • Bund watch strap is a protective leather backing that came between the wrist and the watch. the leather pad under the watch case to protect their wrists from extreme heat and cold.
  • Made to order: Every leather band is custom handmade, please allow us 1-2 weeks to get it made
  • Picture required: please send us pictures of your watch and buckle after the order.
  • Size confirm: Please confirm the lug size and length with us
  • Free customization: Leather color, stitching color, lug size, and length are free customized
  • Click for Watch Strap Size Guide

Made to order: 

  • Leather color, stitching color, length are free customized
  • Approximately 1-2 weeks to get it made
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Personalized replacement best real crocodile bund watch strap for Rolex, Omega, Tudor, Oris, Seiko, Breitling, and more luxury bund watch

Buy replacement genuine alligator leather bund watch band for sale price


  • Material: Genuine, Smooth, and Pliable Premium belly-scale American Alligator Leather
  • Lining material: Italian water-resistant calfskin
  • Compatible with: Rolex, Omega, Tudor, Oris, Seiko, Breitling, and more luxury bund watch
  • Color: Grey | Custom color
  • Lug size: 16mm | 18mm | Custom lug size
  • Band Length: Custom-made according to your exact wrist size. Contact us if you need an expansion extra long leather watch band for big/fat/bigger wrists or extra small watch straps For smaller size wrists
  • Clasp: No buckle Included
  • Note:  Daydaywatchband -Day Day Wear is not affiliated with Hublot company

Bund watch strap Detail

Alligator skin belly scale leather material Why our crocodile leather strap is expensive inroduction about replacement watch band dd

100% HANDMADE selected alligator material custom watch band

Custom handmade watch bands detail waterproof calfskin Hand stitching folded edge dd

Custom handmade watch band free customization

About Leather bund strap material:

This Bund watch strap lining material is made of Italian water-resistant calfskin which is soft and comfortable.

Please try to keep the leather watch bands as dry as possible during use, so as to keep the original luster of the strap and prolong the Hublot watch bands life.


✔Watch band box

✔watch band removal tool

✔watch band screwdriver

✔2 x spring bars included

Bund leather strap Maintenance

  • Avoid water and moisture: Custom Bund watch strap replacement should NOT be soaked in water and should not be used in damp environments. If the leather strap accidentally gets wet, wipe the strap dry with a clean towel and place it in a ventilated area to dry.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: sunlight can cause discoloration and deformation of the leather straps replacement, so prolonged exposure to sunlight should be avoided.
  • Regular maintenance: The surface of the watch band should be regularly wiped with a clean cotton cloth to remove dust and dirt and coated with leather maintenance oil or wax to prevent the strap from drying, cracking, and hardening.
  • Pay attention to wear prevention: Avoid contact with sharp objects to avoid scratching or wearing the leather watch band replacement.

Following the above leather bund maintenance methods can keep your bund strap replacement in good condition and extend its service life.

Best bund strap shipping

-FREE Standard international shipping takes around 2 weeks to the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and most European countries. 2-4 weeks to Mexico, Central America, and South America.
-Express delivery: We are using FedEx / Aramex or another proper shipping method to your country for 7-10 days (extra money). You can find this when checking out.
-Note: delivery time does not include watch band production time

Made to order

Daydaywatchband is a good choice for you to select new replacement luxury Bund  strap. Swap your Bund watch strap band replacement frequently as always use of a single leather strap leads to considerable wear and tear. Choose from a variety of materials and colors, and check our full collection of   Custom watch straps bund

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