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The difference between Siamese and American crocodile skin

Many customers may have a question in their mind when they buy Daydaywatchband’s handmade custom American alligator leather straps.Why is your American alligator leather strap more expensive than others?The answer lies in the different varieties of crocodile skin and the different grades of crocodile skin.Let’s take a look at the difference between the expensive American […]

how to distinguish real alligator leather from fake alligator leather comparison-of-real-and-fake-crocodile-skin

Save you a lot of money, how to distinguish real alligator leather from alligator faux leather?

Daydaywatchband——Handmade custom crocodile leather watch straps Hello everyone, this is Daydaywatchband, a brand that focuses on making real alligator leather hand-made custom high-end custom leather watch straps. We often need to purchase various kinds of leather, such as alligator, cowhide, etc. In the process of purchasing leather, it is important to know how to distinguish […]

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